Le Ba Dang
Art Foundation



It was inspired by (Fishing Cat) road (La Rue Du Chat Qui Pêche) in Paris, this is a narrowest and shortest road that the French cherish and preserve as a cultural heritage. One day, LeBaDang accidentally went to this road and thought an initiative in drawing the cat painting for sale, it was unbelievable, tourists were very fond of this painting.

Therefore Cat has been in a close linkage with the artist for ages: Cat is the first animal that helps LeBaDang to create his fame. Cat collection marked his career in drawing painting after graduated from at Beaux-Art University in Toulouse.The Cat paintings are the source of life to help him overcome the adversity, difficulty, and poverty when he has just built his career. According to LeBaDang, Cat is not simply the origin that gives rise to a talent, a name. Cat is also the author’s signature. He uses Cat as a pure self-drawing symbol. His cat lines become language, a type of painting language with full calligraphic features but renders even abstract and metaphysical thoughts, and the imprint of the existence and nothingness in all art works. The cat lines of LeBaDang has a proper corner in his pictorial art; it defines the calligraphic art of the artist, a form of pictorial art which is primitive, rudimentary, ordinary, not sprucely, not snobbish.

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