Le Ba Dang
Art Foundation


Cosmic family

Cosmic Family is an art nature, the place that the mind and the body attach to creature. In experienced life of the artist, he has been condensed two elements “fullness- emptiness” or “form-emptiness”. Cosmic Family expresses the appearance and disappearance of human with nature and creature; where the mind and human body combined with space and time, inner feeling and external world harmony, human and landscape harmonize in the lines of both Buddha and human, of both drawing and engraving, the landscape in the person and the person in the landscape- a form that having many its shadows.

To demonstrate this state, LeBaDang used the above two elements to create the souls of the forms and the shadow for those souls in the art work. It has the specific meaning of the Heart of Perfect Wisdom Sutra, “Form is actually emptiness, and emptiness is truly form” – form is empty, empty is form, expressing the duality in human such as: shape and the shadow, mind and soul, life and death, he wanted to express appearance and disappearance in the universe and the human realm.

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