Le Ba Dang
Art Foundation



Horse is one of the most favorite themes of the artist. The horse is free with its tenacity and flexibility. LeBaDang’s horse has all the tones, materials, plastic techniques and spending many creative periods. The artist is not only draws paintings about horse but also creates the plastic one with techniques including: collage, drawing, engraving in paper made by himself. At first, he drew a series of horse with the “cliff” style with engraving and lithography. Then he painted the riders in a nostalgic or imaginational landscape. And he created « horse » on both the bronze sculpture and the aluminum sheet collage. For LeBaDang, the horse stands for force, resistant strength, endurance; it is an intelligent animal; horse bears the impression of departure and liberty. Horse and human join in as one. All spiritual and physical changes of human appear in horse image. Drawing horse, the painting style of Lebadang is flexible and liberal as though unveiling the humanity in the animal he means to obtain. Eliminating the boundary between human and animal to express the harmonization of animal and human.

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