Le Ba Dang
Art Foundation


Double – Face paintings

Double- face paintings ( To be or not to be) are an unique creation of LeBaDang with right and left side are both art works. When creating his double-face paintings, does he sense another world inside the earth, another universe inside the ocean? From the deep bottom of human heart inside the soul, is there any hidden layer that is totally different from the external appearance? This bottom, roughly called the mindful zone or sub-consciousness, the human does not fully understand but fails to disclaim. The zone seems to fully contain peculiar images, intertwined auspiciousness and calamitousness, indefinite light and darkness, tumultuous legend and history.

He has used synthetic metals to draw two faces of the world of human and creature, expressing the bi-facial nature of living beings and objects: the earth has its core, the ocean has its bottom, human has his mind and LeBaDang wants to draw the mind.

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