Le Ba Dang
Art Foundation


Lebadang’s space

In 1985 he began with « Space » that combined several techniques and super-posable collage between sculpture and relief, as a synthesis of painting and statue. LeBaDang has used a kind of handmade paper which is very thick. He ripped by hand and glued layer on layer until appearing a scene «relief» viewed from the sky. The closer look, LeBaDang’s work seems to be a tranquil moon. « The spaces » that we observe from above, where the uneven altitude and plane remind us of the “terra incognita” of the explorers are looking for. At the first look, the eyes of looker will sweep in the freezing or desert regions, the wild mountains and hills, lakes or glacier, looking the sky with the tranquil moon.

The technique, material, and arrangement in each “Space”, it seems like LeBaDang wants to create another cosmic where having a transformation between life and death, between fullness and emptiness, a sense of time associated with space.

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