Le Ba Dang
Art Foundation


The War

In 1954, LeBaDang drew a series of works using Chinese ink and watercolor with the theme of his homeland. The works on paper describing Indochina War, especially the battle of Dien Bien Phu were drawn by his imagination and soul when living in Paris in France towards the war against the enemy of Vietnammese people. The real colors having full of deep feelings with his homeland. The strong colors suggests the people go backwards and forwards on the journey of returning their homeland, glimmering the happy rays of someone going all the way and seeing “his house” suddenly.

In 1965, the war situation on his homeland inspired him to draw about “War Aftermath” collection with the image of suffering people from the fierce enemy who attacked massively to kill them and burn their house and farm. In the circumstances, he can only use paper, brush, oil, water color as weapons to fight against the enemy and accuse the war. The war has left the pain and loss of both physical and mental sufferings of the people. All of these images were described through the sympathetic and humanitarian eyes of Le Ba Dang.

Between the years 1969- 1973, the Indomitable Landscape (Ho Chi Minh Trail) series of paintings and sculptures on the theme of the Vietnam War. The  Black and White paintings in the style of Chu Ta, but with a more lively style in which the people can see the movement of the brush, presenting the abstract landscapes of  Ho Chi Minh trail was marked by a red line. Describing the road from the North to the South, in the deep and craggy forest, mountains, pass, bombs constantly, the changeful climate, everything is against the human, but with the determined will of the people and their blood vessels still flow naturally to find a way to live, to win the enemy.

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