Le Ba Dang
Art Foundation


Truong Son rice grain

LeBaDang created peculiar rice grains: the rice grains were made of terracotta, stone, wood, bronze…with the various shapes: the rice grain looks like mango, pillow, a rick of straw, house; the hundred-eggs Au Co rice, Dragon rice, Snake rice, Prehistoric rice… each of rice grain is an art work containing the love of people, expressing an artistic soul with the heart of plain country people. He has understood the heart of country people attached to agriculture: the rice grain becomes the life grain that sows the seed of life, scatters the germ of death. With rice, life exists; without rice, there is no life.

LeBaDang signifies rice as a trace back to the primitiveness. On its journey, rice passes history, steps over legend. “Ba Dang rice” reminds of the country’s epic and through the country is the human epic. He wants to engrave the rice shapes on the Truong Son landscapes as though a personification of nature, turning the natural world into human world, creating an art Truong Son region with the harmony of innermost feelings and external surrounds. That Truong Son is not a pure natural Truong Son but a Truong Son of humanity- layers upon layers of mountains not a wilderness but bringing the imprints of human life.

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