Le Ba Dang
Art Foundation


Professional operation

    *The activities on display and exhibition

LeBaDang Art Foundation is currently displaying 140 works out of a total of nearly 400 works created by LeBaDang artist in the two-story space of the building with a total area of 600m2.  LeBaDang’s artistic works are displayed in different collections and topics, such as:

+ Ho Chi Minh Trail

+ The aftermath of war

+ Blue Zen

+ The Woman

+ The Eyes

+ The Cats

+ Art for Art

+ To Be or not To Be

+ LeBaDang’s Space

+ LeBaDang Graphic

+ Human Comedy

+ The Dien Bien Phu victory

+ Thanh Giong Horse

+ The Millennium of Giao Chi Feet

+ Double-sided painting

+ Pottery collection

Works made of wooden, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.

In order to meet the demand of visitors, collections and topics are changed periodically and regularly for the purpose of refreshing and enriching the content and display format.

In addition, images and documents about life and career of LeBaDang are displayed in a worship space with total area of 50m2

Cooperate with internal and foreign institutions and individuals in organizing cultural and artistic activities, creating abundance and diversity in content and exhibition solutions to attract both domestic and overseas tourists.

    *Education propagation

Organize tours/visits for students and domestic/ foreign art lovers to the exhibition of LeBaDang’s artistic works.

Cooperate with internal and foreign institutions / individuals in organizing cultural and artistic activities; introduce and popularize Vietnamese art in general and LeBaDang artist in particular.

Publish materials introducing  about LeBaDang Art Foundation

Guide and help students visit and learn at the Foundation.

    *Preservation of artistic works

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Have reasonable solutions in the preservation of works which are being stored and displayed at the Foundation.

Conduct regular stocktaking.

Study preservation methods; timely renovate and handle damaged or peeled works.

Pay particular attention to investment in necessary equipment for the purpose of preserving stored artistic works and making plan to transfer them for safety reasons.

   *Other activities

Collaborate with museums, art institutions, art universities and individuals working in the field of art within and outside the province to conduct exhibitions of different topics.

Organize and display special subjects; inspire and offer chances to students to visit, research and learn about the art of LeBaDang;

Organize creative festivals for young people, children and students; educate the youth on the Vietnamese tradition through these activities; promote and introduce the public to the art in general and the art of LeBaDang in particular; strongly encourage creative spirits of the young generation.