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May 9, 2018 Posted by Write about Le Ba Dang

Dang Tien

Le Ba Dang Gallery in Paris in Fall 2003 evoked a great number of emotions; but if there is only one word to describe it, it would be “thanh”, which means sound and blue.

The basic meaning is green, blue, green, blue green grass green hill, green forest green mountains, sky blue, Nguyen Binh once declared so. About twenty paintings, most new compositions in 2002, proves that the author outside the age of eighty still have young minds and strong hands; Talking with him, feeling younger than the others. The strength of a Nguyen Binh Khiem or Nguyen Cong Tru, the beautiful figs Chagall, Picasso something, makes people believe in life. Proverbs «talents do not wait for age», forward understanding  no better than  backward understanding. Large, mostly green, blue, green, mono-chrome, dark green, blue, blue, moss green, blue mossy light, indigo in the wind color [1]. The technique is called cobalt blue, ocean blue, or indigo blue.

The drawing of the picture is the face of a sinking, flat, closed eyes, eyes closed, like the Buddha, or meditation, or the face of the countryside, a smog, to humanize the monochromatic blue color of the painting. A tricks, a play of the artist to bring advanced art, mainly abstract and invisible to the human – and folk. A gentle, discreet apology of in retrospect, after a long journey to modern art and thought. After a long time, after a long time, Dao Nguyen travelled back to the old house and sat down on the porch, looking through the old trees looking for blue sky. But do not see blue clouds, because in the world do not do green clouds. Green bean is just an art form. When we say that the single green in Le Ba Dang is a shortcut to hints.

True rich material, in a square fence, look carefully, we will see many variations on a fine background (valour’s) delicate, through the refined style and fresh vibration. Not many shades of blue but homogeneous, often seen in Thai Tuan paintings or some Nguyen Trung paintings at one time, but the multi-coloured blue (orange), which is dominated by light, sometimes assembled as the terracotta mosaic porcelain mosaic, or in mosaic. Le Ba Dang competently in the performance of the prism, creating a light interference that unexpectedly animates the picture. In the same series, different lighting causes distinction, making the viewer not bored and forcing them to think. Therefore, even though he is still simple, he still has many intellectuals. An art of non-school. Le Ba Dang is not the same, but no one like him. Even, I also brace myself. Have fun there. Faces of people with eyes closed do not sleep, but to meditate, look at the inside. Eyes open to see life, eyes closed to enlightenment life is looking at themselves.

“Thanh” is also the opposite of rough. But crude is not necessarily bad: there is rudimentary beauty, as in folk art, or rough in modern art. There is even a rude beauty in many shaping expressions. The painting of Le Ba Dang is beautiful in this time. I say ethereal? The invisible uses a common word, not surprisingly a Han original, the original song of Miao in the Quiz and the lyric of Khuất Nguyên. Using an “ethereal” word to describe the painting of Le Ba Dang, which coincidentally met both Khong Tu and Khuat Nguyen, the result was fate: writing, as well as drawing, sometimes very lucky, yawning meaning or light. Thus, the elegance in Le Ba Dang is a deep Asian aesthetic concept, rather than the usual comment. But in the mind of the painter, he uses the mind to create a sense of calm in the viewer, a quiet, as in the word “moon-lit night”. Indeed, Le Ba Dang has a rugged waterfall, a time of deep sea, this time quiet lake. As an alternating universe, the deep blue ocean suddenly turns into blue water. Time to stop. As the bird returns, it naturally stops its wings, printing the shadow on the sky. Van Gogh once said «use lipstick and green to describe the passion».

Le Ba Dang uses blue color to evoke serenity. Paintings he exhibited this period, the old stuff will have people called Ngung Bich floor. I love the word Ngung Bich. Today people often speak of tradition and modernity, of the nation and of the world, as opposing values need to be combined. In fact, this is a political slogan, effective in collective irrigation works rather than in cultural districts. The creator of the moment is not interested in the other two; If they have a nation and a world, they will appear on the fabric; If they only have one of two things, they will also naturally paint, paint beautifully, peacefully; In case the sky does not give them both, it’s okay. He kept drawing: when he was talented, when he was honest and fluttering heartfelt sincerely with his brother, the picture is still beautiful, sometimes great, although the picture is hard to sell, and Nam Tao Bac Dau cannot find the gibbons to flirt.

Draw, not paint. A painter is a painter, not a painter. Great work is the critic’s critique, which I also inevitably. It is said that the modern Le Ba Dang is a good thing, as a good proverb. Saying that the national paintings, there will be doubters, because there is no “national colours brighten up the message” in the “East Lake pigs look fresh” in poetry Hoang Cam. The green complexion, a few drops of red, like new blood was bleeding, different from the red dreams, sorrows, white clouds flying over the sky Liu Lule, a day far away. But Luu Trong Lu himself, from June 1934 in Quy Nhon, said that these “ethnic” colours are not modern, while the main requirement of Le Ba Dang is modern. But Le Ba Dang said that his paintings are nostalgic childhood. The blue sky is a memory of a sky. I looked up, saw blue sky, know that the sky is made of different green color. The painting of Le Ba Dang also, when the cyan blue turns purple, the picture becomes deep, u aggregate, mystical, as bringing us into a dawn of the universe, prehistoric or pre-existence.

In terms of national colours, people mentioned blue in Hue decorative art in Hue: “The color is purple, the contrast is not bright but the sense of solemn (…)The delicate artistry of the artists with the harmonious color palette. Blue turquoise, the color of the main color of light. Hue color mosaic of Hue contains ethnicity through bold folk identity »[2]. Thanks to that, going among the modern paintings of Le Ba Dang, the soul of the country like me, do not feel lost, but also interested in the feeling “just as strange” body and mind: peace of mind , strange because of the joy, joy floating blue sky. Joy as in the world Bich Khe: Lam nhung um! blue sky green velvet umbrella! The place where Art is a romance dating in many languages. .

In the language of love (with homophones), “thanh” refers to color, voice, sound, and tone. Looking at a drawing by Le Ba Dang, we can hear something, for instance a ring tone, rumpled streams, bustling flute sound, bird couples singing on the branches… Painting is the color of a song, but do not forget that shouting is not singing; no sound is echo. Painting artist Le Ba Dang’s simple and static strategy should not sound, but gain resounding success. A painting artist called Auguste Renoir is reported to be able to create a resonance for the drawing, a glass musical piece. [3] I do not know why watching Le Ba Dang during this time I have heard something sacred in the delicate colours of blue, dark, broken, cloudy, in accordance with the light, the rhythm of contours and texture regulation.

Perhaps the most of the intensity of the paintings comes largely from the light. There are personal impressions that cannot be fully explained in the emotion-provoking art. Rimbaud seems to have named the color of the vowel, which has become classic, even though it is subjective. Painting artist Le Ba Dang named the gallery Bleus d’Automne [4] – perhaps just because he used the color of the blue.

He had opened up a new horizon for me. In my estimation, if I had to use a single word to sum up the aesthetics of the gallery, I would use a word “thanh” in the common semantic field. If I have to use two words, it will be the nostalgic expression “Đạm Thanh” by Nguyen Du or “Đan Thanh” by Dinh Hung: the water feels sad because of the blue eyes. Arts is a place of enlightenment. On the other side was a smile – an unforgettable one.